Light Gray Leather Watch Strap (Steel Buckle)

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2-piece Light Gray leather watch strap made of calf leather with detailed beige thread stitching. It comes with 2 keepers, with one sewn in and the other one floating, and fitted with brushed steel pre-v buckle. A nice looking watch strap that will easily match your watches.

Please note that the color of this strap looks slightly bluish, but it's actually gray color with a slight blue hue.

About Strap Tubes

This strap comes with tubes for Panerai watches that are using screw pins. This is to allow the screw pins to rotate freely without becoming loose.

The distance between the lug & the first hole is 45mm.

Style 2-Piece
Material Genuine Leather
Color Light Gray (blue hue)
125mm / 80mm
Thickness 4.0mm
Buckle Finish Brushed Steel

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