Seat Belt NATO Strap, Grey with Black Stripe (Steel Buckle)

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High quality NATO strap in grey (with black stripes), made of seat belt style woven nylon fitted with high grade brushed steel rectangular rings and thumbnail buckle.

This NATO strap in grey (with black stripes) is made of premium woven nylon with a luxurious sheen very similar to seat belt material – soft, silky and very comfortable to wear.

The thickness of this NATO strap is slightly more than 1.4mm, length 290mm (excluding buckle), 11 laser cut square holes, and fitted with high grade solid rectangular brushed steel rings and thumbnail buckle. All joints are stitched to ensure extra durability and long lasting, and all edges are clean cut with no frill.

Style NATO
Material Premium Woven Nylon
Color Grey (with black stripes)
Thickness 1.4mm
Brushed Steel

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